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Dessin de deux personnes souriant

Digital eco-design: a growing topic

July 2022

In its summer file, the ADEME puts the spotlight on eco-design, with a crossed perspective between Julia Meyer, responsible digital engineer at the ADEME, and Samuel Le Port, co-founder of Treebal.

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Photo de la remise des trophées Crisalide

Treebal, favourite of the Crisalide Eco-Activities #14 jury


Video review of the Crisalide Eco-Activities awards and the presentation of Treebal, the jury's favourite, by Samuel Le Port, co-founder! This award is a recognition of the virtuous approach in which Treebal is involved with its ecosystem to deploy responsible digital technology.

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Texte disant : Treebal rejoint ACN

Treebal joins the « Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique » (ACN)


The ACN federates the French and European actors of the digital trust ecosystem. Treebal is proud to represent the European excellence in terms of Digital Trust alongside the other actors and industrialists of the ecosystem.

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Texte disant : Webinaire démo Treebal Pro

Demonstration Webinar: Treebal Pro


You are familiar with the general public version of Treebal, but do you know the professional version, genuine ethical and eco-responsible communication platform? Enjoy the replay of our product demo webinar, where we explain everything about Treebal Pro.

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Logo d'Olga

Instant messaging: Olga chooses a responsible breton start-up


The meeting between Olga and Treebal gave birth to a meaningful collaboration based on common values: respect for people and the planet and a shared desire to act in favour of the local and our economic sovereignty. Treebal is at the heart of Olga's relationship with all its stakeholders, a true, direct, simple and inclusive relationship.

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Texte disant : Webinaire Numérique Responsable : comment éco-concevoir un service numérique ?

Responsible Digital Webinar: how to eco-design a digital service?


Our Digital Responsibility Webinar was a great moment of sharing and exchange around fascinating and essential topics. Discover the replay, in which we explain why digital has no other choice but to become responsible and how to eco-design a digital service through the example of Treebal.

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Photo en noir et blanc d'un téléphone avec Treebal

Treebal Digital Responsible Report

May 2022

In order to measure and continuously improve the environmental performance of the Treebal application, we carried out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).To this end, we called on several experts, including Boavizta, an inter-organization working group dedicated to measuring the environmental impact of digital organizations.

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Dessin de deux personnes souriant

Treebal, winner of the Prize for the future of the breton language


In March 2022, Treebal was one of the winners of the 25th edition of the Prizioù dazont ar brezhoneg (Prize for the future of the breton language), which rewards innovative or exemplary initiatives in favour of the breton language. Translated into breton, Treebal contributes to keep alive this language and its culture which have their place in the digital world of today and tomorrow!

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Dessin de deux personnes souriant

Treebal listed in the GouvTech Catalogue


We are pleased to announce that Treebal is listed, since February 2022, in the GouvTech Catalogue, the catalogue of digital solutions for public services!

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