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The eco-friendly messenger that plants trees and protects your data.

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With Treebal, discuss with your friends and tribes while contributing to the well-being of the planet ! The messages that you send through Treebal enable us to plant trees. The application is eco-designed : it minimizes its impact on the environment. Messages are deleted after 7 days in order to limit the data stored.

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Treebal integrates the financing of reforestation projects into its economic model. No greenwashing. Half of the profits made from the use of Treebal is reinvested in reforestation projects all over the world, in a responsible and sustainable way.

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Treebal was created with the will to protect both the planet and your data. Your discussions are end-to-end encrypted. Your personal data are completely secure and remain confidential. You have full control it at any stage.

Why choose Treebal


Thanks to our partners, your discussions help reforest the planet. Together, we fight to preserve the environment, biodiversity and support local populations through responsible and sustainable projects.


Treebal has integrated the environmental dimension into all stages of its design and implementation. The functional and technological choices meet an objective of digital sobriety.


The messages you exchange are end-to-end encrypted and your data remains your data. No sharing, rental or resale of your personal information. Trust and responsibility are at the heart of our values.