You are an organisation (company, association, local authority...). You want to communicate with your communities in a secure, responsible and sustainable way.

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Communicate with Treebal internally and with your stakeholders.

You are looking for secure and eco-responsible tools to promote exchange and collaborative work. Adopt Treebal and make your employees and your CSR policy shine.

Half of the budgets from the Treebal Pro offer are invested in reforestation projects. Your data and exchanges are secure and confidential. The Treebal application is developed in France and hosted in Europe.

The advantages of the Treebal Pro offer


Half of your subscription is invested in reforestation projects. This is a great way to boost your CSR policy and the commitment of your employees.


Your organisation's information and the content of your employees' discussions remain confidential, end-to-end encrypted, and hosted in Europe.


Features dedicated to professionals: separation of personal and professional accounts, information messages with 1to1 answers option, management of disconnected periods, retention of messages beyond 7 days...


of the budget dedicated to reforestation in the 1st month of subscription for any pre-registration

Special pre-registration offer

Treebal Pro, it's 4€ HT per month per user* of which 2€ HT invested in reforestation projects around the world.

For any pre-registration via the form below, not 50% but 100% of the budget of your first month of subscription will be dedicated to reforestation!

*Minimum billing 200€ excl tax per month