Treebal Pro, responsible communication platform

You are an organisation (company, association, local authority...). You want to communicate with your communities in a secure, responsible and sustainable way.

Representing teamwork with hands on top of each other.

Secure and facilitate exchanges by giving meaning

Treebal is the first European instant messenger that combines privacy, digital sobriety and environmental impact.

Treebal Pro secures your organisation's exchanges and accelerates your CSR strategy through a collaborative and engaging tool that gives meaning by working for a greener and more virtuous world.

Sécurisez et facilitez les échanges en donnant du sens

Thanks to Treebal Pro…

The advantages of Treebal Pro


Your organisation's information and discussions remain confidential, end-to-end encrypted, and hosted in Europe.


A collaborative tool aligned with your values to strengthen interpersonal links and support and accelerate your CSR strategy.


Eco-designed, Treebal minimises its environmental footprint and contributes to reforestation projects.

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